For your convenience we are now open the last Saturday of every month!

Please remember...


Make sure Fido is "up to date"

  • Required shots:
    1. Rabies
    2. Distemper
    3. Parvovirus 

  • Recommended shot:
    1. Bordatella (AKA- Kennel cough)

Final grooming price will be given at time of check-out

We believe in SUPERIOR service. That might mean extra shampoo and conditioner, extra walks to "de-stress",  or sometimes simply extra love and attention. Since there's no way to predict this before the visit, we have found it most practical to give our final price once the services have been completed. 

Be kind to your groomer

In order to make your contribution to our STRESS-FREE environment. We ask that you please remember that we have no way of predicting the EXACT time when we will be done. So we ask for your kindness and patience if it's taking longer than expected. 

Keep in touch

We always love to hear from our concerned parents! We believe in good communication always! So if you have any questions, concerns, or simply would like an update while your furbaby is at Wagging Tails, please feel free to give us a call. 

Good communication = Happy Hearts! 

To avoid long wait times in the lobby...

We'll call you when the spa day pampering is complete and we are ready to hand you your BEAUTIFUL furbaby! :-)

Bring a picture!

And last but not least, if you have a picture of your pup with a particular cut that works best, please make sure to bring it in with you so we can get it just right!