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Did you know?


  • Accidents can happen in the grooming salon when the groomer is in a rush. To help avoid nicks and cuts, allow your groomer sufficient time to work their magic! 

  • If you notice your pet rubbing against furniture and rolling on back trying to scratch his skin. This COULD be a side effect of impacted hair follicles. Keeping your pup well groomed and  regulary brushing can bring much needed relief. 

  • A dogs undercoat (ie- Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, Pomeranian) can grow out of control, which will cause more tangling and matting than if the coat is left long and brushed FULLY and REGULARLY. Cutting the coat short isn't always the solution as it will remove the dog's protection from the sun. Solution: Start the bonding time early in your pups life and BRUSH!